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Automated Visitor Sign-in & Followup

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Capture & Convert More Leads

Save Time With Paperless Sign-in & QR Codes

Mass Message Any / All Visitors Instantly

Amaze Clients + Beautiful Reports

Integrates With Top CRMs & Apps

Access Anywhere, Any Device

100% free. No credit card required. Sign up in seconds.

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How It Works

Get the most out of Happy Open House in 4 easy steps:

1. Add Properties

2. Add Questions & Select Design

3. Collect Leads @ Open House 

4. Follow Up & Win More Business!

Everyone Loves Happy Open House

Discover why so many real estate professionals have already made the change:

Agents Love It

More leads & more deals

 Automate & go paperless

 Save 75% 0f time wasted

Brokers Love It

✓ Agents to close more deals

✓ Streamlined lead gen system

✓ Built-in company analytics

Owners Love It

 Beautiful reports with 1-click

 Real visitor feedback

 Measure property interest

100% free. No credit card required. Sign up in seconds.

The Happy Open House Difference

Why choose Happy Open House? It’s simple:

Proven Results

Save up to 75% of the time you’d normally spend on documenting and following up with leads at open houses or preparing reports.

Trusted By Many

Companies of all sizes, shapes, and colors trust Happy Open House.

Huge Returns (ROI)

Capturing and converting more leads plus saving your precious time give you the double ROI effect.

Setup In Seconds

Signing up for Happy Open House is simple, intuitive and you’ll be ready-to-go in no time. You can get started for free here.

100% free. No credit card required. Sign up in seconds.

Impress Clients

We don’t just want you to make more money save time, we also want to help your business shine and make you stand out to your clients.

Integrates w/ CRM

Automatically adds contacts in real time to your favorite CRMs, marketing platforms, or other apps. No more wasting time manually exporting and importing contacts.

Tons Of Features

We strive to un-complicate and improve the entire open house process. Take a look at all of the other features Happy Open House has to offer.  Check out our list of features.

iOS, Android & Web

Works on all devices from iOS and Android to mobile browsers and web.

Awesome Support

It’s important to us that you always receive assistance from a real person via phone, email or online chat.

No Contracts

Our pricing is simple and easy. What you see is what you pay, and we offer a free trial. So, if you have a moment, why not sign-up today?

100% free. No credit card required. Sign up in seconds.

Committed To Your Company’s Safety

When it comes to your company’s security, we will never cut a single corner. We want you to know that even your most sensitive information is safe in the hands of our expert team of developers, coders and designers. It’s why we employ a 256-bit SSL encryption, top-notch server infrastructures and many other world-class security services. When it comes to delivering the best, we know you expect nothing less.

Access Anywhere

Available Anywhere, Anytime

Our app offers convenient access, no matter where you are in the world. It’s compatible with all major browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) and allows you to download your data and files on a monthly basis, utilizing a secure link. You can even save offline backups on your local computers or servers and use them as an alternate way to store and access your transaction data.

Online Security

Safe. Secure. Always.

We secure and encrypt all data using industry-leading SSL technology. Each and every bit of information is stored in’s S3 data centers; accessible only by SSL encrypted endpoints. This means your data cannot be viewed while being uploaded or downloaded from their secured facilities. In fact, your data is more secure than with most online applications and is far safer than with traditional offline storage.

Multiple Backups

More Ways to Protect

Our app stores all user data in’s S3 data centers, which means every piece of information is automatically and immediately copied to multiple backup locations around the globe. Trusted by millions, Amazon S3 provides a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage. And since backups are done instantaneously, any rare interruptions can be automatically resolved by accessing data at another center.

100% free. No credit card required. Sign up in seconds.